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On this website you can find everything about the events that are organised by vhm-events.

We also have our own ticketservice and an international event calendar
VHM-events want to inform you that there  from 01-11-2014 adjustments for our shows including the new low. See also "New Animallaw 2014". If you have questons you can mail or phone us.
For 2017 there is for Houetn a price change for the rental of the tables. Electricity and other costs have remained the same. The reason is, among other things, the large amount of waste and the remains that in recent years the cost of room hire eg, tables, electricity etc. have been increased by the rentel location. All other events costs remain the same for 2017.
27-11-18 Participants and Room 02-12-2018 Houten on website 
26-11-18 Built up tables Houten 02-12-2018

Extra entrance. For anyone who buys pre-sale tickets for Terraria and Exoknaag Houten can quickly go inside. We are going to create an extra entrance for everyone who has bought pre-sale tickets at the 2 December edition. This entrance is to the left of the main entrance and is only accessible to persons with presale tickets. The other visitor for cash payment and debit card can use the general entrance. http://vhm-events.nl/index.php/en/why-and-order 

23-11-18 Participants 02-12-2018 Houten on website 
12-11-18 Participants Gent 18-11-2018
21-09-18 Latest Participants and room 23-09-2018 Houten on website 
17-09-18 Built up tables Houten 23-09-2018
14-09-18 Participants and room 23-09-2018 Houten on website

Adaptation regulations relating to salamanders (EU directive) These animals may not be offered, sold, exchanged or otherwise, within our events. For more information click the link below.


28-03-18 Participants and room 03-06-2018 Houten on website
23-05-18 Built up tables Houten 03-06-2018
27-03-18 Participants and room 01-04-2018 Houten on website
22-03-18 Built up tables Houten 01-04-2018
07-02-18 Participants Terraria Zwolle at 11-02-2018
25-11-17 Last Update Participants and room 26-11-2017 Houten on website
22-11-17 Update Participants and room 26-11-2017 Houten on website
18-11-17 Participants and room 26-11-2017 Houten on website
16-11-17 Built up tables Houten 26-11-17-2017
18-10-17 Participants Terraria Zwolle at 22-10-2017
16-09-17 Participants and room 17-09-2017 Houten on website
09-09-17 Built up tables Houten 17-09-2017
15-08-17 Participants Terraria Hasselt (Belgium) 20-08-2017
19-06-17 Participants and room 25-06-2017 Houten on website
15-06-17 Built up tables Houten 25-06-2017
12-04-17 ADAPTED Participants and room 16-04-2017 Houten on website
08-04-17  Participant Exonager Houten 16-04-2017 (room later this week)
08-04-17  Participants Terraria Houten 16-04-2017 (room later this week)
05-04-17 Built up tables Houten 16-04-2017
17-02-17 Participants Terraria Zwolle at 19-02-2017




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