Terraria Hasselt België 16 Augustus 2020

Terraria Houten 20 September 2020

Exoknaag Houten 20 September 2020

47 Days

Exoknaag Houten 20 September 2020

Welcome by VHM-EVENTS

On this website you can find everything about the events that are organised by vhm-events.

We also have our own ticketservice and an international event calendar
VHM-events want to inform you that there  from 01-11-2014 adjustments for our shows including the new low. See also "New Animallaw 2014". If you have questons you can mail or phone us.
The Corona virus has been detected in the Netherlands.
As an organization, we of course closely follow the
developments around the Corona virus.
We follow here in the guidelines of the
RIVM and the GGD.
01-08-20 Terraria and Exoknaag Houten 20-09-2020 will expand the opening hours for the public from 10 am to 6 pm
13-07-20 Terraria Hasselt in Belgium will take place on 16-08-2020. The Belgian government indicates (mandatory) that all visitors and exhibitors are required to wear a face mask. The influx of the public will be regulated somewhat.
25-06-20 Due to the new relaxation, Terraria and Exoknaag Houten are allowed again in September. There will be new rules and adjustments. What these will look like will be discussed with the hall, municipality and VHM events in the coming period. Follow the website regularly.
16-06-20 Terraria Zwolle 05-07-2020 may not take place because of the guidelines of the government.
14-05-20 Terraria and Exorodent Houten at 07-06-2020 has been canceled becouse off the Corona virus. We are currently taking our measures to that end. Exhibitors are informed by email.

Terraria Ghent. Nothing can be organized until June 1ste.  Nothing known for after that. This comes from the government of Belgium. We are currently taking our measures to that end. Exhibitors are informed by email.

26-03.20 Terraria Zwolle: Becouse off the corona virus moved to July 5 2020
23-03-20 Terraria Zwolle 03-05-2020 canceled
23-03-20 Terraria and Exorodent Houten at 12-4-2020 canceled
30-01-20 Participants Terraria Zwolle at 09-02-2020
30-01-20 Participants Terraria Hasselt at 02-02-2020




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